My favourite salads are ones that have a lot going on. Different tastes and textures that help you forget you’re eating healthy. Crisp greens, tart apples, crunchy walnuts, salty bacon and smooth, creamy blue cheese make this one of my favourite salads.  

By Kelly Haleon February 17, 2015

A classic apple pairing and a snack-time favourite come together in this tasty, tasty sandwich. The crisp, crunch of the tart apples, and the melty, goodness of the sharp cheddar make a delightful change from your average grilled cheese.  

By Kelly Haleon February 13, 2015

Everyone needs a go-to appetizer and crostini are easy and versatile. This isn’t so much of a recipe, but rather more of an idea to get you inspired. I’ve used a combination of sweet, tart and creamy components, but you can vary it according to your flavour preferences. Try swapping the brie for blue cheese, or […]

By Kelly Haleon February 9, 2015

February is Apple month and we’ve put together some great apple recipes to help celebrate all month long. First up are these Savoury Baked Apples, made with pork sausage and Apple Chutney. They make a great side dish for roast chicken or pork, and can easily be made up to 24 hours ahead, then just pop them […]

By Kelly Haleon February 2, 2015